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Trust Issues Workshop

Do you have trust issues? There’s a Chinese proverb that goes...


“Once bitten by the snake, forever afraid of the rope.”


It is inevitable, at some point in your human experience, that you harbor trust issues towards people. And that is understandable and justifiable given the fact that we are all flawed. But what will your trust issues prevent you from creating in your life? Opportunities? New friends? New experiences? Love? Fulfilling relationships?


In this workshop we gently dig up an old wound, re-examine it, and explore how we will develop clearer expectations and boundaries in our interpersonal relationships so that we can continue to give ourselves freely and hold ourselves and those we wish to prosper accountable.

Theater of the Oppressed (forum theater)


Have you ever been in a heated argument with someone and as soon as you walk away from the feud all of the sudden you have all the things you should’ve said right at your disposal but for some reason you couldn’t think of them in the heat of the moment? The French call that ‘the wit of the staircase’, Daniel Goleman would say that you were ‘emotionally hi-jacked’, and Agusto Boal, creater of the world renown Theater of the Oppressed forum theater created life-changing tools & practices that can and do turn the ‘spectators into protagonists’!


This workshop is for those that have to navigate communities where racism, politics, and social justice (or lack there of) are inescapable. 

Theater of the Bullied (forum theater)

Adapted from the forum theater model created by Agusto Boal, this Theater of the Bullied workshop not only gives youth the courage to confront bullying non-violently but also builds up their self-confidence

so that they are not carrying with them the weight of not speaking up or sticking up for themselves and others.  


This workshop is for youth and youth workers alike who are looking for tools to empower youth to non-violently confront bullying and bullying culture.

Super Hero Boot Camp

Choose a super name and a super power then prepare to soar into the skies of your imagination and reawaken your personal power through improv games, team-building, poetry and performance art!

“In every tragic story you’ve ever been in, the hero always survives.” - Zag

Lava Walkers Leadership Challenge

Lava Walkers Leadership Challenge is a workshop for everyone from Kindergartner to Corporate America. This workshop is packed with lessons in heart & humor and personal growth. Individuals go on an adventure in communication, creativity, and confidence all while learning how to break the habit of following others and abandoning dreams. 

"People never believe in volcanoes until the lava overtakes them." -George Santayana 

Art of the Spoken Word - The art of rhyme

• Upgrade your communication skills

• Conquer your fear of public speaking

• Find out what self-confidence really is

• Turn your life-story into a work of art 

“Blame holds you back, responsibility moves you forward.”

Art of the Spoken Word: The art of storytelling 


• Turn stage fright into stage courage

• Learn how to overcome writer’s block

• Turn your setbacks into comebacks

• Become a more confident communicator 


“Healing begins with communication”

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