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"Jordan is honest and professional and kind throughout his coaching sessions. Most of all, though, he possesses an undeniable and powerful sense of positivity that quickly becomes contagious. In a literary world where, ironically, cynicism rules, Jordan is a voice of resiliency and truth. He will convince you to realize what you already know: that you are capable of succeeding." Maria Nazos

"When I found out I was going to be the commencement speaker at my graduation from community college, I immediately asked the school to arrange for Jordan Cheney to coach me on writing and delivering my speech. First and foremost, Jordan instilled confidence in me. He made me feel like I belonged there as the speaker. He never tried dictating what I said, but instead showed me that I was capable of coming up with meaningful and powerful words myself. After building up my confidence, he showed me how to use that confidence when delivering my speech. The skills I learned with Jordan are qualities that I put to work in my everyday life. As a journalism student at a four year university, and a writer for the university’s newspaper, I have to interview athletes and coaches for my stories. It can be intimidating, but thanks to Jordan, I have the confidence to do it."   Jeremy Burnham

"I contacted Jordan about his one-on-one Public Speaking lessons after being moved by the authentic passion he and some of his student spoken word poets exhibited in a few engagements around town. I wanted to learn how to find that type of spoken voice for myself as a part of renewing my own personal writing practice. The lessons, loosely following his Art of the Spoken Word workbook, helped me grow into my voice more than I could have imagined. Jordan's passion for helping people find the power of the written as well as spoken word comes through in everything he does. He has a host of training tools to personalize lessons to find growth edges, and move through them. My experience not only helped me envision my own authentic speaking voice but honed the way I approach my writing as well. "  Leiloni Mahoney

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