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"I’ve screened my films all over the world and my experience collaborating with Jordan and his team was by far one of the most memorable.  Jordan created a space for genuine community engagement that fostered incredible social dialogue.  He is a community leader in the truest sense of the words."


                                                                  -TJ Martin, Oscar and Emmy Winner

Poet Jordan, Vinny, TJ Martin

Photo cred. Heather Willoughby



Jordan Chaney is a poet, author, motivational speaker, artist and community leader that spends his time working in the arts and playing in nature between the Pacific Northwest and the Southwest. In 2017, he was awarded the Commitment to Diversity Award by African-American Community Cultural & Educational Society. For more information about Jordan and his work visit poetjordan.com.

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Community Hope Wall & Pasco Day of Hope

On Saturday, November 2nd of 2019 we unveiled our Community Hope Wall at Vinny's Bakery in Pasco WA. The entire community, people from all walks of life, all backgrounds, came out to show love and support for this "for the people, by the people" project. Click the photo on the left to read more! Click the photo on the right to view the Facebook page!


Motivational Assemblies and Keynotes


My name is Jordan Chaney and I am a Poet and Motivational Speaker. I often

find myself in front of hundreds or thousands of young people that have

challenges, setback, dreams and hopes.


I share my personal story and how finding and sticking to my life's purpose helped me build the resiliency to survive traumas and the mental health challenges that come with them.


There's power in our personal stories, and in my assemblies and keynotes, my intention is to help others along their journey, wherever they are in life, to overcome, to bounce back, to hang on, to live fuller lives.

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“Jordan Chaney’s presentation was so much fun and humbling. We sometimes get so caught up in routines that aren’t healthy and his presentation helped bring back the positive outlook on life and reminded me why I’m in this profession. He is a great example of not letting your barriers and fears define you. He reminded us all to continue life with a purpose, how it’s never too late to dream and the importance of knowing what you want and going for it.”

TJ Martin,

Oscar and Emmy Winner

Very beautiful work. Highly intelligent

and exceptionally beautiful all

while being very accessible.

Ijeoma Oluo,

New York Times Bestseller

Jordan is kind, creative, ethical 

and responsive. 

Andra Day, 

Warner Bros. Recording Artist

"Jordan Chaney, such a talented spoken word poet, and wonderful spirit."

Theater of the Oppressed Workshop Facilitator 


Have you ever been in argument with someone and as soon as you walk away from the feud all of the sudden you have all the things you should’ve said right at your disposal but for some reason you couldn’t think of them in the heat of the moment? The French call that ‘the wit of the staircase’, Daniel Goleman would say that you were ‘emotionally hi-jacked’, and Agusto Boal, creater of the world renown Theater of the Oppressed forum theater created life-changing tools & practices that can and do turn the ‘spectators into protagonists’! This workshop is for those that have to navigate communities where racism, politics, and social justice (or lack there of) are inescapable. 

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