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On Hope


Jordan Chaney is a poet, speaker, writer, and artist residing in the Southwest while serving on multiple boards in his home state in the Pacific Northwest. Since 2009, Jordan has mentored youth in arts, public speaking, and community-leadership in schools and in youth detention centers from Washington to Arizona.  

About Jordan Chaney


My name is Jordan and I am a Poet and Motivational Speaker. I often find myself in front of educators or hundreds or thousands of young people that have challenges, setbacks, dreams and hopes.
I share my personal story and how finding and sticking to my life's purpose helped me build the resiliency to survive traumas and the mental health challenges that come with them.
There's power in our personal stories, and in my assemblies and keynotes, my intention is to help others along their journey, wherever they are in life, to overcome, to bounce back, to hang on, and ultimately to live better lives.


“Jordan Chaney’s presentation was so much fun and humbling. We sometimes get so caught up in routines that aren’t healthy and his presentation helped bring back the positive outlook on life and reminded me why I’m in this profession. He is a great example of not letting your barriers and fears define you. He reminded us all to continue life with a purpose, how it’s never too late to dream and the importance of knowing what you want and going for it.”


"I’ve screened my films all over the world and my experience collaborating with Jordan and his team was by far one of the most memorable.  Jordan created a space for genuine community engagement that fostered incredible social dialogue. 

He is a community leader in the truest sense of the word."

 -TJ Martin, Oscar and Emmy Winner

“Jordan was a blast to work with! He not only kept our youth captivated and engaged but he also stretches them to dream big and then provided a framework to bring those dreams to fruition.” 


-North Spokane High School

 "Poet Jordan’s story is inspiring and brings hope to the young people..."



"One thing that I found valuable about his presentation was that he was able to share his story with us and show that no matter what your circumstances are, you can still achieve your dreams. I learned to not let things and the people around you affect your chances of achieving your goals and dreams."



“The presentation was not only inspiring but it was also comforting. Poet Jordan has clear signs of leadership and hope in himself and he puts that same inspiration into others so that they can eventually do the same for others, creating a cycle.”



“The heart of Jordan's poetry pumps with the bruised beauty of entwined love and outrage, the blue howl of wolf, the moral conscience of witnessing. He will move and center you. His commitment to community was evident from the first time we met.”


--Adrian Murillo, Organizer, Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane.

"Thank you for being apart of our Native Broadcast Summit. I heard nothing but good things about you after the dinner. You truly surprised our audience with your engaging stories and life lessons. Your ability to braid poetry into performance is unmatched." 

-Native Public Media

I just wanted to pass along my gratitude, and that of the class, for your talk, and for the poems, and for everything you shared today. I think it was really one of the most engaging and thoughtful and heartfelt classes we've had all year. We were all on the edge of our seats and a number of students came up after to tell me how powerful and sincere they found the experience. 

I must say, you've got me feeling inspired as well. My mind has been churning ever since exploring all the ways I can  start to weave some of the themes you raised into our next class on Friday. It's so nice to feel that rush of intellectual energy, and surely there's no better sign of a good talk!

-University of Victoria

"I just wanted to reach out to you personally and thank you for bringing your humanity, and passion, and skills and experience to our conference this year. I know TRIO staff and students were moved by your workshop and left wanting more."  


-TRIOS Leadership Conference

“I recently attended a workshop given by Jordan Chaney.  I was so taken by him that I am hoping he can come and speak to a gathering of church folks in Spokane in the near future. The fact that Jordan is a poet means a lot to me because the arts are an important way to open our hearts toward activism, to get us thinking in new ways from a different place within ourselves.  Jordan is such an authentic, affable, down-to-earth, knowledgeable person that it is a great pleasure to interact with him and learn from him." 


My Story

TJ Martin,

Oscar and Emmy Winner

Very beautiful work. Highly intelligent

and exceptionally beautiful all

while being very accessible.


Andra Day, 

Warner Bros. Recording Artist

"Jordan Chaney, such a talented spoken word poet, and wonderful spirit."

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